It’s all beginning to take shape…

The last week has been such a blur, so many exciting things happening it’s been impossible to post! Phew…I need to take a breather!

Here’s a quick update:

So I have moved out of London…*wipes away a tear* and to shamazing Manchester.

I have moved into my new design studio just outside the city centre. *air punch*

My new business venture is taking shape & the company name is registered!

I attended a great Business Planning course with Blue Orchid Manchester and now have information bursting out of my ears!

So now I have some important information… Allgrownupinlondon will now become allgrownupuk so if you would like to keep reading please follow on

Instagram @allgrownupltd

Facebook: All Grown Up

Exciting news coming over the next few days through these channels!

Please keep your eyes peeled and thank you for your support so far!


Thursday… Summer has gone for a walk…

So the last day with the Family was upon us and with only 2 days left in London it was nice that the beautiful sunny weather we are having held out for us to enjoy the city in all it’s glory….oh wait…no that was a dream.

So it rained, then stopped….then rained again. Most of my day centred around the rain and avoiding it. You would think us Mancunians would be well prepared, umbrella, rain coats etc. No. Que scarf on head running in between cover. Thankfully I was actually prepared in the footwear sense. As we were heading to ICEBAR I decided to wear my limited edition full leather high top Converse to protect my tiny toes from the icy temperatures inside, great thinking as this meant I could splash in as many puddles as I wanted. My mum did not come quite as prepared…

So enough of the rain. ICEBAR. Great fun, freezing (obviously), great capes, freezing, small drinks…oh and did I say..freezing. We booked online and paid £13 each which included the hire of the cape, gloves and an alcoholic drink each. The drinks are small but served in a block of ice so the novelty of keeping hold of this is high but you will most probably be left thirsty. I would recommend ICEBAR, as it really is an interesting experience, but try and get an offer or book online so you get a discount to make it more worth while.



So it was time to say bye bye to the family…but not for long. Only 2 more sleeps until I am back in the motherland for good. Exciting business announcement tomorrow…keep tuned!


Wednesday….we should have walked faster!

So with only 3 days left to explore London it was imperative that I got an early start today. Did it happen? Not quite. With the family in tow breakfast or shall I say brunch was had a a wonderful newly discovered greasy spoon across from our flat. *why do you always find these places just as you are leaving*

We then took a scenic bus journey and spend the afternoon walking around Hyde Park. No matter how many times I go to this park and the surrounding area, I always find some new and beautiful to admire. Check out the clouds below you can literally see the bad weather rolling in. I sometimes think typical Mancunian weather follows me around…


So many people had recommended that we take part in a ‘Jack the Ripper ‘ Tour, we decided to try out a ‘free’ tour where you pay what you think it’s worth at the end. So off all 5 of us trotted…however, really we should have trotted a lot faster as we kind of…missed it…oops! However this meant we happened to walk by The Tower of London during the roll call for the fallen soldiers of WW1. A poignant reminder of the sacrifice of war.

Our evening was completed with a lovely stroll back to London Bridge where I got the chance to take these beauties…



Tomorrow ICEBAR and the family depart!

3 more sleeps xx

Tuesday in 5 words

1. Heartbreaking
The poppy installation at The Tower of London.

2. Disappointing ( Do not attempt to enter Heron Tower in flip flops…you will be denied the opportunity to have fun! )

3. Dirty (Dirty Martini – Much better than Sushi Samba anyway…and it was happy hour)


4. Pizza (Shamazing)


5. Family (visit from Mama avec ma soeurs)


See you tomorrow, 4 more sleeps in London : ( xxx

Monday … JW3 … A very wet beach!

Think of a beach, your mind conjures up images of sun shine, cocktails and golden sands. True? Well that’s what a beach should be like, but throw the British weather into that mix and things tend to get a bit…how should I put this… Wet?!


As it’s my last week in London, I am trying to make sure I see all of my friends before I go and experience some of London’s best attractions,so when the opportunity arose to celebrate my friend Emma’s birthday on a beach I couldn’t refuse!


So, the beach is beautiful and has its own bar and grill, but unfortunately hurricane Bertha came and ruined our night and the celebrations had to be moved inside to the warmth of the inside bar. I would definitely recommend the JW3 Sours, a cocktail made to perfection by the lovely bar staff, it made the wind and rain a little more bearable.


My lovely friends Carly, Emma and my hubby Sam.


Tomorrow my adventures continue, with the addition of my mum and two sisters who are coming to visit. Thank you for all you wonderful suggestions of things to do, I have made a list and will keep the blog updated.

See you tomorrow…. P. S HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA! XXX